Holiday Season Travel Essentials

Holiday Season Travel Essentials

Going on vacation this December? Christmas and New Year is just around the bend and I’m pretty sure some of us will be going away either out of town or abroad. So, I’ve put together a list of some travel essentials that might be of use or just to help you be reminded of what you need/want to bring.

I hope our plans of traveling this Christmas vacation pushes through or I will have a fit (lol).. It’s been very crazy around here at home, now that I’ve been going out pretty much every week. School will be over soon and hubby (crossing fingers) has his paid vacation leave all set, so I’m really, really, really praying hard that we can go out, bond, play and have a staycation..

Below are my travel essentials for the month of merry and happy (just mine lol, kids and hubby have different lists), well some of the most important ones at least coz if I list them all, backlogs will pile even higher hahaha

1. Money – is on top of my list, lol. It’s a pain when you’re not prepared financially because it would mean shortened vacation or none at all, will have to just “window-shop” and go on self- pity because you are not allowed to buy anything, budgeted meals, won’t be able to try the zip-lines or go kayaking etc.

Therefore, a few months before any minor especially major vacations, plan financially, scrimp on whatever you can to save so that the whole family will enjoy to the fullest even if it’s not that grand!

2. Travel Documents – In case you’re flying by air, make sure that your passports are in good order. Aside from that check plane tickets, must have small bills and currency of destination if traveling abroad, credit and atm cards, reservation docs etc.

3. Beauty and Skincare – A girl obsessed with skin care and to ultimately looking younger than her age will understand and agree with me that one can never bring enough essentials when traveling. I’ll never know the condition of my skin and how it would react to the current weather of the place where I’ll be at, so I tend to bring a lot of travel sized products lol.. Unless I am going abroad and I know exactly what season, my skin care kit will be lesser than this, lol.

Skin Care Kit

Won’t be posting about my makeup kit anymore coz I actually bring with me a small train case full of different brands.. lol

But, here are a few which I can’t go without…

Make Up Kit

4. Vitamins, Medicines and Personal Kit – which reminds me, I have to buy a new set of first aid kit coz we left the old one in a hotel. But here are some things I bring along with me. If you will notice, these 3 products belong to my trusted brand – Unilab


phCare Feminine Wipes

 photo Priva-Intimate-Wash-2_zps53cd76ef.jpg
Priva Feminine Wipes

6. Gadgets – As much as possible when going on short vacations, we don’t bring the kids’ gadgets or tablets. This way, they’ll be able to enjoy the bonding, learn as well and see the beauty of nature and life. Of course, hubby and I can’t leave our mobile phones at home well in any case of emergency we can contact loved ones or call for help.

These are just a few of the essential things for me, might be different from you. What’s important is to never forget so might as well make your own list and keep it with you until all things are in order and you’re well satisfied.

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